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Hi, I'm Jimmy Guterman. I have edited or written for more than 100 magazines, newsletters, and newspapers, some of which are still in existence. I have published six books about rock’n’roll, some of which are still in print. I have produced several dozen records, some of which I was paid for. I have consulted for many companies, none of which I will joke about. On this website, you can find out more about me than you’d ever want to know.

Current and Recent Activities

I just joined Collective Next, a consultancy, as editorial director. (Here's why.) I am the founder and president of The Vineyard Group, my longtime consultancy. 2012 clients included Accenture, Aquent, Collective Next, EdgeCast, Eloqua, FedEx, Fidelity Investments, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. 2013 clients included returning clients Collective Next, Edgecast, and Fidelity, and newcomers Yesware and two companies I'm not allowed to list here. I am also an executive curator of TEDxBoston, a contributor to BoingBoing, and an adviser to The Good Men Project.

Before restarting The Vineyard Group, I was senior editor of Harvard Business Review. Before I came to HBR, I was executive editor of MIT Sloan Management Review. Before that, I was editorial director of the Radar Group at O'Reilly Media, where I edited Release 2.0, among other things. And before that, I was editor at large for a team at Harvard Business School Publishing that publishes the online and print publications I worked for until recently, thus closing that circle. The most recent record I produced is The Sandinista Project (the double CD with deluxe packaging remains a mere $17.99 on Amazon). If you're here because you're looking for editorial development, management, production, and consulting, my business, The Vineyard Group, is not accepting new clients in the editorial, strategy, or R&D practices. (Client list available upon request; see email address at bottom of page.) is my personal site.

Some older projects I get asked about

Forrester Magazine (external link on seems to have disappeared; please contact me if you need physical copies)
The Economics of Social Media (the inaugural paidContent conference)
Media Unspun (final issue, archive, blog post explaining this email newsletter)
First five books (external link, thanks Randy)
Full typo-ridden text of my 20-year-old Jerry Lee Lewis book
Gaming Industry News (1, 2, 3, 4, 5; all in PDF)
Runaway American Dream (Amazon; New York Times review of my book about Bruce Springsteen)


Word, PDF (will update this year, I promise)


Recent and Semi-Recent Writing

My blog is here; I'm on Twitter as well. On the blog earlier this year, I ran a series on what I've learned from editing; here's a list of those posts.

I spoke at TED 2012 about business comebacks from an unusual perspective (transcript, visual proof, my notes on how to give a TEDtalk and how not to).

My articles for the print HBR include "When the Longtime Star Fades" (HTML, PDF), "Sharing Ideas and Hors d'Oeuvres" (HTML, PDF), and "Generation Robot" (HTML, PDF). Other blog posts on include When Storytelling Isn't Enough, Stephen Wolfram and the Science of Business, Do We Need Leaders?, Rupert Murdoch's Last Stand, Enticing the Next Generation of African Leaders, and (these last three are my favorites of this bunch) Consulting for the Evil Empire, News Corp. and Closed News Platforms, and The Day Job, Redefined. You should be able to find all my published work for HBR here.

Before I started the recent series on editing, the lucky 13 most commonly visited posts on my blog (not counting the two brief times I gave away The Sandinista Project) are:

I contributed regularly to the O'Reilly Radar while I edited Release 2.0. I mused about innovation, business, and two of my favorite projects in this AllThingsD column back in '07. I've been asked to post my editor's columns for Forrester, which I've done here ("A Magazine?"), here ("Power to the People"), and here ("Same as The Old Boss"), all in PDF. I don't do much periodical work anymore. Finally out, a mere four years after I wrote the liner notes for it, is Wallace Shawn's The Fever. You can also read a not-bad 2005 op-ed piece for The Boston Globe and an Astral Weeks essay for (I also wrote an appreciation of Johnny Cash for the Globe when he died in 2003.) An assignment to profile Bob Moog turned, alas, into an obituary.

email: jimmy AT guterman dot com (spaces added in a vain attempt to reduce spam)
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