Saturday, April 14, 2007

The excitement of completion ... and the letdown

"There is depression after an answer is given."

That's the Log Lady talking. (I've been watching the second season of Twin Peaks with my son lately.) The quote, about the downside of closure, feels particularly pertinent because late last week I approved the CDs and packaging of The Sandinista Project for manufacturing. I suppose there's a small chance of something catastrophic happening at the pressing plant, but that's out of my control. As far as I'm concerned, as far as anything I can do about it, this project is done. Shortly, four years of work will be encapsulated in (or reduced to) a thick, colorful 5x5 CD package. I feel a great sense of satisfaction, but some unease. The challenge of this project was always just to get it done. Even the people who supported me on it thought it was crazy. (And I knew it was crazy.) I have a very clear idea of the next creative mountain I intend to try climbing -- and I'll start boring you with it in less than a month -- but right now I feel a strange combination of relief and unsettledness. Putting together this project over four years had a narrative drive. Now I acknowledge, publicly, that the story is over. It's time to move on to the next one. I know I'll do some promotion for this and the project that obsessed me for four years will now get some long-overdue external feedback, but the creative part of this is over and I do feel a loss. I hope I choose my next crazy project so (accidentally) wisely. I got so much out of this project. I got to work with some of my favorite performers on the planet and I learned so much about the value of trust in a collaborative project.

That notwithstanding, allow me the pleasuring of sharing with you some of what I just approved. You still have to wait several weeks to buy the record, but you're welcome to download the booklet and packaging, both as PDFs. They will also come in handy if you intend to buy or steal the record in digital form.

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