Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sentence #1

As many of you know, I've been trying to write a novel that doesn't stink. I've considered several ways to track its progress (or lack thereof) here. I thought of delivering daily reports ("Figured out a plot point, but now I have to redo that transition scene in Chapter 7.") or maybe numerical updates ("Wrote 1,403 words, 263 of them worth using.")

Jane led me to a better idea. She said I should post excerpts, which I'm not ready to do. But I am ready to post a sentence a day from my writing each day. I will present those sentences completely out of context, giving no real clues at to what's happening in the broader text, but I wonder whether, a year from now, after you've read 365 disconnected sentences, you might have a tiny idea of what I'm trying to do. At the very least, it's a structure that will force me to show at least some progress every day, even if I share only a sliver of it. So, here's today's sentence:

"I wanna be like that."

Seeya tomorrow.


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