Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Greatest song of all time of the week: Amy Rigby, "Balls"

It's an all-out rock'n'roll barnburner that captures the frustration and excitement of desire with anger and a great punch line.

It's nasty, it's welcoming, it's as confusing and wonderful and awful as your life.

Did I mention the slide guitar?

Did I mention how Amy tosses off the aside "this one's gonna hurt"?

Did I mention it's on two great albums: The Sugar Tree (along with "Rode Hard," another greatest song of all time of the week candidate and perhaps the most convincing argument for bad behavior on disc this side of "Dead Flowers") and 18 Again (a terrific greatest hits record, but all her records are greatest hits records)?

See her website, buy everything she's recorded (February is sale month!), and don't forget that she is one of the performers on the greatest tribute album of all time of the week.



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