Sunday, February 17, 2008

Eight things about me

I've been blogging (or, as it was once called, "maintaining a personal web page") on and off since 1994, but no one ever tagged me with the "eight things" blog meme until now. Jane has tagged me with it, so, dear readers, I present you with a post slightly more self-referential than usual.

1. I can tell when people who say they've read Proust are faking it.

2. My favorite mode of transportation ever was my orange Raleigh Chopper. As Wikipedia reports, "At higher, but still moderate, speeds, it suffered from speed wobbles, which could lead to wild uncontrollable oscillations (almost invariably ending up with a spill)."

3. When I was 14, I was in a terrible ninth-grade band. It lasted only from September to December but had three names in that span: Plastic Electricity, Electric Shock, and -- despite our being a quartet -- The Seven Riders of Pegasus. (I was 14. Shut up.) One afternoon after we broke up (after a terrifying one-and-a-half-song performance in front of a Catholic elementary school), I decided it was time to figure out if the problem in the band was me. I set up a portable cassette recorder in my bedroom, put Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run" on the turntable, held the microphone, and sang along. I recorded over the cassette roughly 10 minutes after, but it was that day it became clear to me that I could do much less damage to society writing about music than performing it. You're welcome.

4. I have never seen an episode of Who's the Boss? But, thanks to my children, I have witnessed nearly every episode of Boy Meets World.

5. As a kid in Bayonne, we briefly lived in a single-family home. It was right on the bend of the Boulevard. At least four times that I remember, a car missed the turn and hit our house.

6. I have never played a videogame as immersive as Zork. You haven't lived until you've been eaten by a grue.

7. I grew up on a dirty peninsula, which may explain why, for so many years, I fantasized about living within site of clean water.

8. I miss XyWrite. After I switched from XyWrite to Word, it took me 13 years to complete another publishable book.



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