Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What's making me happy today

* The hat Grace wore on Sunday
* This morning I got to talk about a topic I care about for an audience open to it -- and I didn't stink up the room.
* Junior Senior's Hey Hey My My Yo Yo, which time may show to be as wonderful as Chic's Greatest Hits
* Getting some good writing done before coffee and knowing how I learned that trick
* The names of the awful $5 snack boxes on the plane (smartpack, minimeal, quickpick, rightbite)
* I discovered a trove of new writing by Bill James. Hooray for the Internet!
* The solos during the Hammersmith Odeon '75 version of "Kitty's Back"
* Knowing that, somewhere, Alice Munro is writing
* Courtney Love, the choruses of "Doll Parts," "Violet," and "Malibu." Forget the tabloid stuff: Kurt wasn't the only genius in that marriage
* Next Thursday night



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