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Most of the pieces credited to me on the web have aged faster than the Hanson brothers. What follows is a list of those handful of pieces now available that don't embarrass me completely. I've left out the typo-infested republication online of so much of my pre-web work that has been posted without my permission. All the clips listed here, except for those in the "ephemera" section, reside on remote sites.Within each publication, the lists are in chronological order. If you have problems accessing any of those pages, please let me know.

I've removed the links to my roughly 153 contributions to [INSIDE] magazine,, Folio, American Demographics, and Kagan World Media because they are no longer available online for free. I've removed the links to my 44 columns for's digitalMASS section because they were so time-sensitive when I wrote them that I don't believe they're particularly relevant anymore. Please write me if you're looking for a particular piece.

You may be interested in my professional biography.

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From Business 2.0: ("Barely Managing" columns):

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From Business 2.0 (older columns):

From The Industry Standard [Note: After IDG repossessed The Industry Standard, the company took down the Web site for several weeks. Looks like the siteiwas back up. Please write me if the links disappear again.]:

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ephemera reprinted here (this list will grow):

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