Of the five books about rock'n'roll I published in the late '80s and early '90s, the only one I still like is Rockin' My Life Away: Listening to Jerry Lee Lewis, which Nashville's Rutledge Hill Press published in 1991. (I have wonderful memories of writing the Worst Records book with my great friend Owen O'Donnell, although my reservations about the book we unleashed are chronicled elsewhere on this site.) The Jerry Lee book is my favorite of the five; of course, the Jerry Lee book is the only one I wrote that was a commercial dud. I'm too embarrassed to go into detail, but the royalty reports were ugly. I received some kind reviews and a handful of letters from fans and colleagues, but the thing was a commercial disaster.

As a result, the tome is long since out of print and the rights have reverted to me. In the spirit of not being greedy by charging for something I've been paid for already, I'm "reissuing" this book to the Web at no charge. I've made no changes (aside from pointing out one embarrassing factual error), nor have I checked for typos and formatting errors as closely as I should, in part because it's so painful to read my decade-only work. But since this is free, I can guarantee you're getting your money's worth. If you find any huge errors of the sort, please let me know.

Those in search of a speedier investigation may wish to read the liner notes I wrote to All Killer: No Filler, a fine two-disc overview of Jerry Lee's career, which Rhino released in 1993.