Monday, June 25, 2007

Lying about the successor to The Sandinista Project

As anyone who knows me knows, there is never going to be a successor. But that hasn't stopped people from asking me "What's your next record?" As the modest public relations offensive for The Sandinista Project winds down, I can now admit that I got so frustrated by the "What's next?" question that I made up projects. None of them made it into print or electrons (not funny or believable enough, I guess), but here's what I told various people I was working on next:

The Yessongs Project
The Emancipation Project
The All Things Must Pass Project
The Chicago Live at Carnegie Hall Project
The Whatever the Jethro Tull Box Set Was Called Project
The Welcome Back, My Friends, to the Show That Never Ends Project

I also told someone that my next project was called The Sandinista Project Project and would feature the surviving members of the Clash covering songs done originally by the performers on The Sandinista Project. No one bought that, either.

The truth is that my next project, aside from the work I am happy to do every day for O'Reilly and HBSP, is a novel I should be working on now, so bye for now.

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