Thursday, June 14, 2007

Breaking news on Facebook -- a mere 18 years after the fact

As Facebook becomes more mainstream, more old people (i.e. people in my demo) sign up. Apparently, the first thing most of them do is send "friend" notices to everyone in their address books. I've received a bunch of these recently. I hardly ever use Facebook, so I went on the service early this morning to accept some of the "friend" requests and, while I was there, I figured I'd see what was in my profile. Not much, it turned out. So I typed in my URL and a few other things, and put in my marital status. I didn't have one before; now people can see that I'm married.

In the two hours since I've done that, I have received three notes from business colleagues who barely know me personally, all congratulating me on my marriage, an event that occurred in 1989.

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