Saturday, July 7, 2007

What's worse: Global warming or Bon Jovi?

I'm heading to California for an extended work trip. Today, though, I had to go to New Jersey for a personal matter. The flight path took the little commuter jet over Giants Stadium, where one of the Live Earth concerts was going on. As I looked down, I felt guilty that I was taking such an eco-unfriendly mode of transportation on the very day that such a worthy set of events was taking place. Then I remembered that Bon Jovi was playing at the Giants Stadium show. Bon Jovi playing to a stadium crowd: now that's something the Earth can do without.

On a completely unrelated issue, Tone Loc killed my hard disc the other day.

UPDATE: Hello Wimbledon! Live from Live Earth, way too hammy and self-referential, but you might enjoy a few minutes with the anti-Bon Jovi. Favorite touch: Harry Shearer's t-shirt:

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