Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Down the road with Jon Langford, Sally Timms, and Ship & Pilot

One of my favorite holiday packages came in mid-December with this note:

Jimmy - Here's our strange offerings, recorded in the Deauville Hotel, Miami Beach - Dec 9th 2005 (that's where the Beatles recorded their 2nd Ed Sullivan appearance)

The note was from Jon Langford, the hardest-working man ever, genius singer and guitarist of the Mekons, the Waco Brothers, the Three Johns, the Pine Valley Cosmonauts, Ship & Pilot, and other bands whose names escape me right now, gifted painter, committed activist, and a resident of Chicago with a mighty Welsh accent. Jon never does a project halfway, so he and his band Ship & Pilot (Dan Massey on drums, Tony Maimone on bass and vocals, Sean Cook on violin and vocals) have delivered two tracks: "Junco Partner" with Langford on lead vocal and Sally Timms singing backup, and "Version Pardner," with Jon and Sally's roles reversed. "Junco Partner" is the third song on the first disc of this collection; "Version Pardner," a dub revisiting of "Junco Partner," is the third-to-last song on the final disc. So Langford and his longtime coconspirator Timms are talking to one another across this big, fat record. As with so many other performers on The Sandinista Project, I've been a devoted fan of Jon and Sally's work for more than 20 years. We're honored to host them here.

Did I mention Langford was a tough-minded painter? Did I mention we've commissioned a painting for the cover of The Sandinista Project? We'll keep you posted.


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