Sunday, April 16, 2006

"One More Time" with Haale (and she'll do it one more time as a dub)

Back in October, at the same conference where I first saw and heard Ethan Lipton (go down several entries for news of his terrific "Corner Soul"), I also witnessed Haale. Accompanied by Shane Shanahan, she turned an opera hall full of wise-ass dot-com hipsters silent and attentive -- at 10 am! -- with her transcontinental spin through traditional Sufi music, psychedelia, and more folk traditions that I can list. This week Haale delivered a stirring "One More Time" in which she channels the spirits of Patti Smith and Joe Strummer but still sounds very much herself. And we'll hear more -- she is performing "One More Dub," too. Clash historians may be pleased to note that her guitarist on "One More Time" is Ivan Julian, who aside from playing with the Voidoids, Matthew Sweet, and many others, also played guitar on several tracks on the original Sandinista! (I think it was "The Call Up" and "Ivan Meets G.I. Joe"). And, yes, Haale has a MySpace page.

Long-time visitors to this page know that Ted Harris delivered a version of "One More Time" several months ago that we're also very glad to have. How will be include everything? I don't want to give anything away yet, but let's just say that the Clash had a rich tradition of sticking bonus tracks in unexpected places and we're going to try to be worthy of that tradition.

As you may have noted, my injury is not slowing down this project one bit. If you have something due (and not many of you still do), the time is now!

UPDATE (April 22): Someone who knows Clash history far better than I do reports, "Ivan Julian didn't play on 'Ivan Meets GI Joe,' but he did tell Joe and Mick a story about Studio 54 while at Electric Lady... he thinks there might have been a connection." I stand corrected.


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