Saturday, April 22, 2006

Soul Food reunites for "Midnight Log"

One of the great things about a project like this is that it gets you in touch with likeminded crazies. Soul Food played their last show on September 23rd, 2005 after eight years, two records, and tons of live shows as a gigging NY/NJ blues band. Drummer Jeff Sanchez became aware of my wild idea while researching his own Sandinista! project, a book called Sandinista Revisited. So for once I'd like to hand over the microphone to the performer to describe what he's given us. Take it away, Jeff...

"After Joe passed in 2002, I started writing a gigantic review of Sandinista. It made me sick to read so many negative reviews -- it was always one of my favorite records. I was knocked out to discover that someone was brave, crazy, and smart enough to attempt this tribute. I knew that Soul Food could do justice to 'Midnight Log' so I asked the band to reunite for one last song. In keeping with the spirit of the original I decided to ask Mick Gallagher of the Blockheads to add a piano track. I had interviewed him recently about those historic sessions 25 years ago, and he agreed to participate, via a transatlantic overdub."

The result is a swampy blues version of the Clash’s sprightly rockabilly number. The piano part has a distinct similarity to the original, and adds spice to an already tasty cover. Jeff would like to hereby thank Mike Moebius for a fabulous mix, and to dedicate this version to Joe Strummer. (Sandinista Revisited is due to be published privately in 2007. It will feature interviews with Mick Gallagher, Norman Watt-Roy, Tymon Dogg, Ivan Julian, Mikey Dread, Davey Payne, Bill Price, and Topper Headon, among others. Soul Food still maintains a website, and the band's recordings are available through cdBaby. For more info about the Blockheads, visit


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