Thursday, May 11, 2006

More from the Charlatans

No, they're not on our record, but while I'm waiting for the final (can you believe it?) three tracks to arrive I'd like to point you to this piece about the Charlatans. Here's the money graf:

Over eight prior releases, the Charlatans have dabbled with Dylan, dripped sleaze like the Stones and merged the soul of Curtis Mayfield with the disco of the Bee Gees. On the just released reggae-inflected Simpatico, the Clash’s sprawling three-record Sandinista is the jumping off point, though the Charlatans have managed to condense that vibe into a single cohesive album. “Well, it’s my favorite Clash record,” (singer Tim) Burgess admits freely. “I love the variety of it. It’s kind of like a carnival.”

A carnival: what a great description!


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