Thursday, May 11, 2006

Smackdown! Doc Watson vs. the Velvet Underground

Most of the contributors to The Sandinista Project who have sent me multiple versions of each track have sent slightly different mixes. But now it looks like I get to play Solomon. Mark Cutler, who you may know from his wonderful band the late Raindogs, reports on his blog that he is sending me two different versions of his contribution, "Junkie Slip":

I just finished recording a couple of versions of the Clash's 'Junkie Slip' in my studio apartment and sent them in for inclusion on the Sandinista Project. It's a collection of musicians doing songs from the album. Thanks to Jimmy Guterman for remembering me and letting me be involved.

Some of the musicians involved are Steve Wynn - who used to play in one of my fave bands Dream Syndicate, The Smithereens, my friends The Blizzard of 78, Wreckless Eric and tons more.

Version 1 of Junkie Slip is a sort of a Doc Watson/Zydeco treatment. It features Dickie Reed on accordian, Kate Conroy on fiddle and Kristen Lund on backing vocals. I sing, play the guitar and mandolin.

Version 2 is sort of Velvet Underground meets the Beachboys (Femme Fatale with handclaps)

I submitted both of them and I'm letting Jimmy decide on which one to use. It was fun. The song Junkie Slip is... hmm let's say challenging.

See you later...

Oh yeah -

Impeach Bush...

I'm going to the mailbox to wait.


Blogger bill said...

Jimmy (and Mark and all), First, thank you for giving Sandinista the long "second look" it deserves.

However, the liner notes to the CD say to check the website on how to hear the other version (which sounds intriguing) of Junkie Slip - but I can't figure out where I can do that. Can you help us out? Maybe post a downloadable MP3? Please?

12:54 PM  
Blogger Jimmy said...

Yes, of course! I'll have it up within the hour.

1:22 PM  

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