Saturday, September 02, 2006

I AM THE MASTER! ... and other news

I hope you're all having a great Labor Day weekend, regardless of whether you're in a country that recognizes the holiday. Here's an update of where we are on The Sandinista Project:

1. Last week we mastered a bit more than the first third of the record, 14 tracks in all. (We're going to master the second third in late September and the final third in late October. No rush as we inch toward our March release -- we want to get it right.) It's a great thrill hearing these diverse tracks come together. Even though these tracks were all cut by different people under wildly different circumstances, our mastering genius Fred Kevorkian is making all these songs sound like they might actually belong on the same record. I’d like to include a mastering studio with every copy of the CD, but that might make the package a little too expensive.

2. Our designer Eric Mongeon has delivered a mock-up of the package. I don't want to give anything away, but his work does capture the aesthetic of the original packaging without aping any of it. It's amazing how someone so adept at design can create something that looks so DIY.

3. Hero of this project and all-around great guy Jon Langford is playing at the Museum of Fine Arts in my adopted hometown on October 14, accompanied by Ship & Pilot (featuring bassist Tony Maimone, who is involved with four songs on The Sandinista Project, either as a performer or an engineer) and Sally Timms. I'll be there, of course. If you're up Massachusetts way and you'll be there, please let me know in advance. Don't forget to shout out requests for "Junco Partner."

4. If you're a former member of the Clash and you're reading this, please contact me at the usual coordinates (jimmy @, spaces added in a vain attempt to discourage spammers and stalkers). I have a question for you.


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