Wednesday, February 07, 2007

May 1 is the new March 27

In the interest of transparency, what follows is a slightly redacted version of a note I just sent to the performers on The Sandinista Project:

We have signed with a distributor for The Sandinista Project. It’s RED Distribution. RED has been the NARM Distributor of the Year two years running now and we believe the record will get the attention it deserves.

Because we now have to coordinate our schedule with RED’s schedule, we have to bump back the release date a month, to Tuesday, May 1. I’m sorry for the delay and whatever inconvenience it may cause you, but it’s unavoidable. The new date may make more conceptual sense: May 1 was one of the two biggest national holidays in Nicaragua during its Sandinista years.

We were able to get a reduced rate from Universal on the mechanicals for the Clash compositions. I would have preferred they gave us free use, since this is a charity project, but in the current music-industry climate I suppose I should be pleased they gave us even a minor break.

We have a publicist signed on, too. Starting February 15, Cary Baker, who some of my fellow old-timers might remember from when he ran publicity for I.R.S. Records, will be on the team.

We’re looking to have three concert/record-release events in late April/early May in three cities: New York, Boston, and Chicago. More info as it develops.

It’s getting real…

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