Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What's next?

Now that the record is about to come out, it's time to rethink what the point of this blog is. I've got some ideas, but I'm more interested in yours. I've turned on comments; please weigh in on what you think would make a good Sandinista Project blog or website.

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N said...

Maybe a blog dedicated to analysis of Sandinista...postings about what other artists have said over the years...I think it's a very under-rated album. It truly is a masterpiece, and yet at the same time I can't listen to it all the way through unless I'm in the right frame of mind. It sounds silly to say...but album has to be good if you love it and can't listen to all the tracks. I think I'm rambling now...The Clash were in such an amazing "zone" when recording it, that I want to learn all about it. So I hope this blog will be

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