Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We've reached Chattanooga and Harp

The Chattanooga Pulse: After reading about a covers album by the hair metal stalwarts Poison, you can find out that they think our record is "highly recommended." The truly obsessive can read the same brief review here. I have no idea which is the original and which is the reprint.

Harp says we made "a tribute record with much imaginative inspiration," but I can't find the review on its website

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Andrew said...

Just discovered this amazing tribute on eMusic! Thanks to whoever is responsible for releasing this on eMusic. I'm a Clash fan from way back and included the original Sandinista! on my list of 100 albums that changed my life (at No. 87). Even though I no longer blog about music on my new blog (about higher ed marketing) as much as I used to on the now-defunct bloggedy blog, I think this deserves a mention. After all, it's educational, and people must know that the only band that matters continues to influence so many of us. Stay tuned!

Andrew Careaga

12:54 PM  

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