Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Music & Nightlife | Tribute CDs

I just happen to be in Sonoma county this week, so it was a nice surprise to pick up a local paper and see what The North Bay Bohemian says about the recent onslaught of tribute records. Here's what the paper had to say about our entry:

"Far more entertaining is The Sandinista! Project: A Tribute to the Clash. This two-CD love song to one of the most ambitious triple-album sets of the 1980s reaches artistically and more often than not hits the mark. Members of the Mekons and many of the insurgent-country artists that populate the feisty Bloodshot label roster make up the core of this project. The Smithereens, Camper Van Beethoven, former Clash collaborator Mikey Dread and Paisley Underground demi-god Steve Wynn also all get in their licks. The results are uneven, just like the original recording, but well worth checking out."


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