Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Un-DRM'd Sandinista Project MP3s on Amazon

Amazon soft-launched its MP3 store this morning and, yes, you can download un-DRM'd MP3s of all the songs on The Sandinista Project. But BEFORE YOU DO THAT, please note that downloading every track will run you $17.99, while purchasing the physical product, which will of course yield un-DRM'd MP3s as well as a beautiful package, is a mere $14.99. Caveat emptor.

October 22 update: For reasons I can't discern, the price of a physical copy of the set on Amazon has been upped to $18.98, while the digital version is now $17.98. It's a bargain either way, but I can't figure out why the price went up: Maybe because it's ridiculous to charge more for a digital product than a physical one?


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