Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mark Cutler's fantastic alternate version of "Junkie Slip"

Just received a comment to an earlier post in which I wrote that Mark Cutler recorded two versions of "Junkie Slip" for The Sandinista Project: a "Doc Watson/zydeco" treatment that we included on the finished product, and a "Velvet Underground meets the Beach Boys" version, which is great but we couldn't fit it. The comment:

Jimmy (and Mark and all), First, thank you for giving Sandinista the long "second look" it deserves. However, the liner notes to the CD say to check the website on how to hear the other version (which sounds intriguing) of Junkie Slip - but I can't figure out where I can do that. Can you help us out? Maybe post a downloadable MP3? Please?

Yes, of course. Here it is, in M4A format (3.9M).


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