Sunday, June 05, 2005

Previewin' on the Backstreets

In the latest issue of Backstreets is a preview/review/something of Runaway American Dream, calling it

"another refreshing addition to the Boss bookshelf. Not a bio, not a guide, but a series of seven essays that focus on Springsteen's music, with wit and insight. They're personal essays, sure, but with the musical and historical context that keeps them from reading like diary entries, or worse, testimonials. (If you've read The Worst Rock'n'Roll Records of All Time, which Guterman co-wrote with Owen O'Donnell, you'll have some idea of the voice here.) Guterman tells Backstreets: 'I recognize that the world needs a new book about Springsteen about as much as it needs another Matrix sequel, but Runaway American Dream seeks to chew over the questions we Bruce nuts have been asking for decades. Among other things, it defends the Arthur Baker 12-inch remixes, includes references to both Marcel Proust and the Contras, begs Springsteen never to play "Mary's Place" again, compares Bob Dylan to Grandpa Simpson, suggests why some unreleased songs deserve to remain unreleased, and includes a scene in which Sam Phillips tells me that everything I know is wrong. It's also, to my limited knowledge, the only book about Springsteen in which the author almost kills Max Weinberg by accident."

(Quoting myself in a blog entry: Could this be any more self-referential?)