Monday, July 25, 2005

I'd rather have a steak than a stake

In the likely event that most of you don't read The Buffalo News, you have have missed the article "THE OLD BRUCE, ON THE LOOSE; CRITICS OF NEW ALBUM BY SPRINGSTEEN IGNORE SOME VITAL HISTORY," by the paper's pop-music critic Jeff Miers, which begins:

Jimmy Guterman begins his terrific new book, "Runaway American Dream," with a telling bit of self-deprecation. "Just what the world needs; another book about Bruce Springsteen," he writes.
Guterman drives a stake right through the heart of the matter; Springsteen, who brings his new tour to HSBC Arena on Monday, has inspired prodigious amounts of critical blathering, perhaps more than any other artist of his generation.

The article ran more than 10 days ago -- on July 15 -- so it's no longer on the website's free side.