Saturday, July 30, 2005

Well, I guess that means he read the review

The following letter to the editor will appear in tomorrow's New York Times Book Review:

Greetings From Rumson, N.J.
To the Editor:
Regarding "The Boss Bibliography" (July 3), by A. O. Scott:
The merits of my music and performances over the last 30 years I gladly leave to the fans, critics and writers. On the subject of "image," however, I thought I might be able to provide some simple clarification.
The "saintly, man of the people" thing I occasionally see attached to my name is bull – – – –. It was perhaps invented, like myself, by Jon Landau . . . or maybe by that high school kid somewhere who supposedly wrote "Blowin' in the Wind." Life, art and identity are, of course, much more complicated. How do I know? I heard it in a Bruce Springsteen song.
Rumson, N.J.