Monday, September 12, 2005

We get letters

Time to empty out the Runaway American Dream mailbag.

Loved the Springsteen book. You should write one about the Stones next.

Several apparent career advisors have suggested just that, probably because the Rolling Stones are touring behind a not-entirely-terrible record and there's a perception that I can write only about oldish white guys with guitars. I did attend the band's opening night at Fenway Park last month, and I witnessed a pretty good band doing pretty good versions of some great old songs. And for a couple of numbers -- the new blues "Back of My Hand" and a recreation of the standard "The Night Time Is the Right Time" in the Ray Charles arrangement -- all those transfusions seemed to pay off and they seemed 100-percent alive. But that was two songs out of 20 or so, and any project that would force me to listen to Undercover of the Night again should be avoided. I am working on another book, but I'm not going to jinx it by blabbing too much about it before it's done. I can either write something or talk about what I'm going to write. When I phrase it that way, it's an easy call.

Why haven't you written more about the current Springsteen tour?

I didn't write about it in the book because it hadn't happened yet, and I didn't write about the earlier legs of the tour on this blog for a variety of reasons, among them general overextension. But enough people have asked that I will weigh in when the tour heads through my town in late October.

Your book got a rave review on the front page of The New York Times Book Review. You must be rolling in it.

(insert rueful laughter)

That joke comparing the Springsteen symposium to a Star Trek convention was unfair.

The symposium was this past weekend and I haven't yet talked to anyone who went. We'll see if it was unfair; I'll report later in the week.