Monday, October 24, 2005

Two new reviews #1: From the blogosphere

Blogger Ron Canyon had some kind words to say about the book:

The last few nights I have been buried in music writer Jimmy Guterman's "Runaway American Dream." His goal it seems was to write a book that focuses on the songs, the power of the arrangements and the magic of the words. He seems to shy away from the gossip stuff....Anyway, the book is fun. The guy is definitely a big fan, but quite capable of throwing some criticism here and there. But for the most part he does a good job of laying out factors that fueled so much extra power and drive in to so many songs. The intricacies about the arrangements, the build up of certain songs and the incredible work of various e-street members on certain segments of certain songs (he makes a case for the e-street band being the best American rock band of all time). Most of all I have loved how he has isolated certain lines from songs and remarked things like: Now who in the hell in the history of humankind has ever stated this line. At first it seems like a cut to Springsteen, but then he will say something like: But it works, it sounds natural even though people don’t talk like that.... It has been fun to read as it has brought me back to a very fun time in my life where Springsteen’s lyrics were the soundtrack.